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Kayaking, Canoeing, Rafting, ...

The four rivers of Karlovac are the Mrežnica, Korana, Kupa and Dobra. The City’s location at the meeting point of these four rivers makes it a perfect base for an adventure packed few days exploring the local countryside. Local tour companies offer hiking, cycling, rafting, canoeing and kayaking trips for all levels and will provide pick-up to and from the city to the best locations. So let’s meet them...

River Mrežnica

The river Mrežnica flows northwards through Karlovac County and joins the river Korana at Turanj on the outskirts of Karlovac City. It is known to be one of the most beautiful rivers in Croatia. Its clear aquamarine waters (that warm up nicely in summer) and some 93 waterfalls make it perfect for swimming, rafting, canoeing or kayaking.

River Korana

The river Korana rises south of Karlovac County where it forms the spectacular natural wonder; Plitvice Lakes National Park. Further on it makes a natural border between Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina as it flows north to meet with Mrežnica and Kupa at Karlovac City. The river and its picturesque canyons offer plenty of water sport and recreational opportunities. The Korana at Karlovac is a favourite amongst visitors and active locals all year round, especially during summer. Along its banks you can find the “city beaches”, bbq areas, an outdoor gym, athletics facilities, parks and tennis courts. Summer evenings, the beach at Foginovo hosts the outdoor River Cinema.

Photo © Marin Stanišić

River Dobra

The river Dobra travels north and then east, above and below ground from Gorski Kotar where it meets with the river Kupa just north of Karlovac City. It offers excellent year round conditions for white water rafting as well as a gentile side that is perfect for a relaxing paddle through the countryside or refreshing swim in its warm waters.

Photo © Marin Stanišić

River Kupa

Starting its journey north east of Rijeka in Risnjak National Park, the Kupa winds its way eastwards and meets with the Dobra and Korana at Karlovac. Rafting, canoe safari, hiking and biking are but few of the activities the upper valleys have to offer. The Kupa is also a favourite amongst fly fishermen both local and internationally.

Hiking and Cycling

Tour companies offer all types of hiking and cycling weekend or day trips in Karlovac County. Renting a bike in the city is not a problem either. In 2014, Karlovac was awarded the “most cycle-able city in Croatia”...so there you have it! Maps of bicycle routes are available from the tourist offices and range in length and difficulty.

For the hikers: the 4.5km Kozjača educational trail begins on the outskirts of the city and is interesting for both walkers and nature lovers. Information boards are positioned along the route and give an insight into the history and wildlife of the woods.A short drive or bus trip will take you to the historical Petrova Gora mountain range where red (4h10m) and green (4h30m) hiking routes through, oak, beech and chestnut forests awaits you as well as the 2km educational, Roman Path.

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