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Events in Karlovac

Late August/Early September

Dani Piva (Days of Beer Festival)

Every year in late August/early September Karlovac throws a party in celebration of it’s most famous export – Karlovačko Beer (you may be familiar with it!). For 10 days a river of beer flows through the city during Croatia’s biggest beer festival. A village of food and beer tents and a fairground spring up on the right bank of the Korana where full day programs of music and entertainment are held. Croatia’s own “oktoberfest” is not to be missed!

First week in July (annually)

International Folklore festival

An annual international celebration of dance and folklore heritage.

Mid June (annually)

Youth Film festival & Four Rivers Film Festival

High-school film makers from the region and more than 30 countries around the world convene in Karlovac to compete in both competitions.

13th July (annually)

Karlovac Birthday Ball

Unusually enough for a town, Karlovac knows the exact day it was “born”. On the 13th July 1579 construction began of the fortress. Every year from the end of June to the middle of July the town is filled with people and events culminating with a big birthday party on the main square.

Mid-July (annually)

Ethno Jazz Festival

Not just a festival of Jazz you should know, but a celebration of ethnic music in general. International artists perform in an open air setting.

Early June (annually)

Pickup Music Festival

Three days of concerts showcasing young up and coming local bands! What more can I say? Oh, it’s free by the way...

Mid may – early June (annually)

Nobility Fair Dubovac

For two weeks every year the old town of Dubovac is transported back to the middle-ages. During this time you can sample medieval food, play medieval games, learn about medieval crafts watch a good old battle re-enactment or see a maiden rescued by her knight in shining armour!

23rd June (annually)

Midsummers Bonfires

This is the oldest event in the city which continues a tradition since 1779 of welcoming summer on midsummer’s eve by lighting bonfires along the river Kupa. Leading up to the main event you can find all kinds of fun entertainment in the city centre. Musicians, street performers, fire jugglers, dancers and a tug-of-war on the bridge keep the crowds entertained until 10pm when the great fires are lit followed by a spectacular fireworks display. Needless to say, festivities continue late into the night!

Weekends, Late April & throughout May

Spring Promenades

Saturday mornings from late April to June 1st are the days for the Spring Promenades. Each week the promenade hosts workshops, performances and exhibitions on an array of themes, from dance to sports to music to gastronomy.

Weekends, Mid July & throughout August

River Cinema on Korana

Since 2011 the Foginovo city beach has been host to the open air river cinema. Every Friday and Saturday night during July and August you can enjoy free movies under the stars.

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